Helena Talaya-Manso, Ph.D / Assistant Professor of Spanish / Oxford College of Emory University



I have written proposals for new and revised courses, to develop the Spanish curriculum particularly by offering more advanced courses, and I have promoted discussion on how Spanish language courses can be offered as INQ and TPSL courses. As a result, the program is stronger.

Also, I have been responsible for the placement of the students into their Spanish courses. I review their results from an online placement test, and send them and their advisors my recommendations for registration into appropriate courses.

I was appointed to three faculty committees and began serving as an academic advisor to nine freshman students. First, I served as a member of the Organization and Procedures Committee, assisting in the reconsideration of faculty responsibilities as usual, and also rethinking the structure of several committees changing from ad-hoc to standing committees. I also served as a member of the Theme Committee in which we seek to get faculty involved in developing the theme of sustainability in their courses. And I also served as a member of the Honor Council Committee attending the hearings in which my help was needed as an advisor to accused students, offering guidance on the representation of their cases and deliberating on cases of academic misconduct.

I am also informally involved in two other committees, Lyceum and the International Student Advisory Committee. I have contributed to Lyceum by hosting host an event on campus this fall, 2014, the puppets performance of Buratini di Riccardo, from Bologna, Italy. And also I am assisting in the large and informal advisory group for international students, as I believe I have a responsibility to help our growing international student population. Their meetings conflict with my teaching schedule; however I always receive a copy of the minutes and give them my input via email and send them my input when necessary.

I have served as an academic advisor to 21 students, either freshmen or sophomores; I met regularly with them following the protocol described in the Oxford Advisor Handbook and helped them to build their schedules. I have also have written letters of recommendation for summer internships and for Oxford leadership positions, such as PA’s, not only for my advisees but also for several students in my Spanish courses.

I helped with two searches for faculty positions. I served on the Math Search Committee for a Lecturer position as the outside division member, and I served on the Search Committee for the Art History position in the Humanities Division.